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Home DTV Transition
What is the digital television transition?
At midnight on February 17, 2009, all full-power television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting in analog and switch to 100% digital broadcasting.

Lets stop right there and discuss that.  WMFD TV is a Full Power TV Station.    WMFD TV has already been broadcasting in DTV for years. In fact we were the first independent digital station in America! But what does this mean for you?


Digital Television (DTV) is a new way for us to send our signal to you.  Since the invention of TV, the signal from the TV stations to you has been analog.  An older technology that is prone to noise and interference.  DTV or Digital Television is a new technology that allows us to send our signal to your digitally which means a better picture for you.  DTV also allows us to send you more channels and High Definition Channels with life like picture and sound. 

On June 16th, 2008, WMFD TV68 shut down our analog operations and went 100% digital.  WMFD TV is one of the first stations in America to make the switch to 100% digital. This date is eight months before the rest of the nations TV stations.

  During the summer of 08 , we are rebuilding our broadcasting tower, removing analog equipment and installing larger digital antennas. All of which will create a larger service area for WMFD DTV.

WMFD TV's Current 496'  Broadcast Tower

Will I Still Get TV Stations On My TV?

If you are a cable subscriber or satellite viewer, you have to do NOTHING.  You will still be able to watch WMFD TV on your old analog TV.  If you watch your TV with an antenna and an analog TV you will either need to buy a TV with a digital tuner or get a digital set top box.  

A digital set top box will pick up WMFD DT (Digital Television) and other stations and convert it to analog so that you can watch TV on your old analog TV. These convert boxes range from $40 to $80 and are carried at most local retailers like WalMart, Best Buys, Radio Shack and Target.   The Government is also giving away up to two $40 vouchers to each household to help cover the cost.  You MUST REGISTER to get these coupons.  Go to  http://www.DTV2009.gov to get your free coupons. 

WMFD TV is excited at what the future for Digital Television brings.  Better Picture, Best Sound, More Channels, Mobile TV to Your Cell Phones and interactive TV are all just around the corner and WMFD -DT is ready.

If you have ANY questions, comments or need more information you can go to http://www.DTV.gov or you may contact us here at WMFD TV, 2900 Park Ave. W., Mansfield Ohio 44906 or via email at comments@wmfd.com or 419-529-5900







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