Galion HS Staff Show Presentation At Ohio Conference

Galion HS Staff Show Presentation At Ohio Conference

  • 12/10/2018 2:42:35 PM
  • Tyler Warner
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COLUMBUS - On November 15th and 16th, Educators and Staff from Galion High School were able to participate in and present at the Ohio School Improvement Institute Conference, or OSII for short. 

OSII is an event held annually by the Ohio chapter of High Schools that Work, an organization that helps to improve public school districts across the country. 

This year, Galion High School Principal Ron Williams, French Teacher Violeta Chinni, and Social Studies teacher Michael Moore all had the opportunity to deliver a presentation called Student Accountability Through ICU. The presentation highlighted GHS' plan to improve assessment and grading and increase student accountability. This included an overview of how GHS designed a new school schedule that dedicated a period for extra help for students in need, the implementation of a new system tracking missing assignments and holding students accountable.

After the new systems were put in place, things changed at GHS. Teachers and administrators alike started to view education and student learning differently.

"Just like in the medical field, ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit for Student Achievement," explained Chinni. "ICU is an online tool used by GHS teachers to help teachers and administrators communicate with each other as well as with the students and their parents." The idea was taken from a book by Danny Hill titled Power of ICU - The end of student apathy...reviving engagement and responsibility. The framework for the idea is based on treating a grade like a patient, not giving out zeros but instead 'treating' the grade so it is no longer 'sick.'

The process is simple: once a student fails to complete an assignment, that assignment gets entered into ICU. At that moment, a text message and email get sent to the student's parents. GHS has helped to ensure the success of this program with the implementation of the common/unified Academic Assistance period. Daily, students can seek additional help and get one-on-one support from their teachers.

Moore says the 9 week pilot of ICU was a great success resulting in over 1000 missing assignments, greater involvement by parents in their children's education and higher accountability on all fronts.

For more information on ICU or the presentation, contact Ron Williams at Galion High School.

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