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www.wmfd.com - The Vatican is turning to modern measures to protect its ancient rituals as it chooses it's next leader. }}" />

Vatican Security Measures Taken To Protect Ancient Rituals

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 3/13/2013

The Vatican is turning to modern measures to protect its ancient rituals as it chooses it's next leader.

But is it enough to keep a lid on it?

CNN's Tom Foreman has the story.

With worldwide media swirling, and one imposter already caught, he was aprotester who got close enough to shake a Cardinal's hand, extraordinart measures have been taken to protect the privacy of the conclave.

The doors are locked, the windows blocked and the Cardinals have all taken a vow of secrecy.

But here are three ways the Vatican code could still be cracked.

First: "The Russian Gambit."

No one in the chapel is allowed to have any sort of cellphone, or Blackberry.

Cardinals with Twitter accounts are now tweetless. The room has been swept for electronic bugs and a jamming system has been installed beneath the floor.

But security experts point out, every item brought in, from clothing, to furniture, to the stoves to burn the ballots could carru a sspy device.

Think not?

A few decades ago the United States had to rebuild a brand new embassy in Moscow after so many bugs were found to have been smuggled into the architecture and fixtures.

Still, security analysts suspect the Swiss Guard can keep the electronic threat to a minimum.

CNN Security Analyst Mike Brooks says, "I think they've got that wrapped up; they've gone over all those pieces with a fine tooth comb to make sure there's nothing embedded in anything."

But what about "The Connection."?

The Cardinals deliberate by themselves and sleep only a hundred yards away. But they need food, water, supplies and possibly medical care. Each person who provides a service represents another potential leak. 

"Well, they're threatened with ex-communication from the church. So, are they willing to give away any secrets if you will while facing possible ex-communication?  That remains to be seen," says Brooks.

And finally, there is "The Inside Man."

Remember: The oath of secrecy is standard, but after Pope Benedict was elected, some still unnamed Cardinal leaked information about the other top contenders.

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