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www.wmfd.com - Two dogs, one blind and one deaf, are in need of a new home, but the duo can't be separated as the two serve as guide dogs for each other. }}" />

Blind, Deaf Dogs Need New Home

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 4/21/2013

  Two dogs, one blind and one deaf, are in need of a new home.

  But the duo can't be separated.

  As Rena Sarigianopoulos reports, the two serve as guide dogs for each other.

  If you want to know the true definition of friendship, just look at River and Smokey.

  "They have grown up together," says foster parent Tara Boales.

  The two German Shepards are best friends raised together since they were puppies.

  Now in their old age, they're literally each other's eyes and ears.

  "Smokey lost his sight about two years ago. River lost his hearing about the same time," says Boales.

  The two need each other to navigate the world.

  Smokey will follow the sound of River's breathing, and River will come back and check on Smokey to make sure he gets out, he doesn't even like to go out to the bathroom without his brother," Boales says.

  Now they need someon to help them stay together.

  Their previous owner was forced to sell his house, and forced to give up his boys.

  Boales, a foster parent ith Ruff Start Rescue, took the dogs in and made a promise to the man.

  "They will not leave here without each other. They have to stay here forever until they are no longer with us, then that's what's going to happen. But I want them to go somewhere where they can be together," Boales says.

  Because of Smokey's blindness, the dogs need a quiter home with no stairs.

  "Everything is about what he can smell right now, and he gets startled easily if there's loud noises," Boales says.

  She prays there's a family out there who will take these boys in, even with all of their special needs.

  "All they want is a place to sleep, and somebody to love them, and some food. It's pretty simple," Boales says.


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