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Boston Marathon Security Being Questioned

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 4/18/2013  In the wake of Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon, some have questioned security at the event.    Brian Todd takes a closer look.   A Boston law enforcement official tells CNN: 70-75 more police officers were deployed for this year's Boston Marathon, than were on the streets last year.   The official says between city, state and other law enforcement agencies, there were more than 1,000 officers and soldiers deployed, before explostions.   The police commissioner says this about the spot where the blasts occurred.   "With the finish line this year and assigned more officers down in that area, I think, if you look at the videotapes, you can see that," said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.   That includes K-9 units, air patrols and...   "What's going on on the rooftops?" asked CNN Reporter Brian Todd.   "Well on certain of these rooftops you'll see officers with high-powered rifles and binoculars deployed and they may move from one location to another," said Tom Noln, former Boston Police Lieutenant.   Nolan worked more than 20 Boston Marathons.   He took us through the route he patrolled, showed us how the police check every trash can, set up metal barricades.   Nolan says given the information Boston Police had before the race, security was 'more tha sufficient.'   Reporter Brian Todd says "Nolan say security is the most heightened as the elit runners appoach the finish line. The Boston official we spoke with says security does not recede after tose runners cross."   Lorena Hopper finished in the middle of the pack Monday and has run eight major marathons.   "For the most part I felt that this was probably the most secure marathon I've seen.  There was security - there was police at every single corner that we turned," Hopper said.   But Nolan says this about the period after the top runners come in, and the route swells with so many others.   "That heightened sense of awareness, that hyper-vigilance if you want to consider it that, diminishes over the hours," Nolan said.   The explosions occurred right about then, more tan four hours into the race.   Nolan says from now on, officers will be told to stay hyper-vigilant at those times.   Also, he says more police officers will be out, more special weapons units, more outside law enforcement agencies will come in.   "I think you'll see more plainclothes officers in the next running of this marathon for sure. Without question, that will be an emphasis and the next deployment plan will be a heavy presence of plain clothed officers infiltrating the crowd," Nolan says.   And, Nolan says whar they'll be looking for is obvious, backpacks, boxes, discarded containers, anything left unattended.
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