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www.wmfd.com - Charges have yet to be filed against the 19-year-old captured Friday in connection with the bombings at the Boston Marathon. }}" />

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Yet To Be Charged

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 4/22/2013

  Charges have yet to be filed against the 19-year-old captured Friday in connection with the bombings at the Boston Marathon.
  John Lorinc has the latest developments.

  The world is waiting for answers from 19-year-old Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

  "He's not in a condition to be interrogated at this point in time," says Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis.

  The sole surviving Boston bombing suspect remains hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his neck. A Justice Department official says he'll face fefderal terrorism, and possibly state murder charges.

  Boston's Police Commissioner, Edward Davis, says there may have been more attacks if authorities hadn't stopped Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamelan.

  "We have reason to believe, based upon the evidence that was found at that scene, the explosions, the explosive ordinance that was unexploded and the fire power that, they had that they were going to attack other individuals," Davis says,

  In 2011, the FBI says it interviewed Tamerlan, after Russain authorities alerted the U.S. Government.

  The elder Tsarnaev then made a six-month trip to Russia in 2012, but his exact whereabout and activities are unclear.

  "The ball was dropped in one of two ways, the FBI missed a lot of things is one potential answer, or our laws do not allow the FBI to follow-up in a sound, solid way," says Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

  Tamerlan's YouTube channel linked to a video featuring a well-known Jihadist, who was killed by Russian forces last December. There is no evidence Tamerlan was associated with any international Jihadist groups.

 "You feel a little safer right now, knowing that the ones that did it aren't here anymore, and now it's just about trying to move on and put the pieces together and get ready for next year," says Boston resident Stephani Riley.

  In Boston, life is slowly returning to normal. The site of the bombing is still a crime scene. Sunday workers tore down the last remnants of the marathon.

  Mayor Thomas Menino says the city has developed a five-phase plan to re-open Boylston Street, which he says is now the most famous street in the world.

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