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www.wmfd.com - Three women who were kidnapped in separate incidents almost a decade ago have been rescued but the case is not unique, as Kyung Lah reports on other high-profile child kidnapping cases. }}" />

Kidnapped Survivors Learn How To Cope

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 5/7/2013  Three women who were kidnapped in separate incidents almost a decade ago have been rescued.    Three suspects, who are brothers, have been arrested.    And the case is not unique.    Kyung Lah reports on other high-profile child kidnapping cases.   She is the angelic face of abducted children who survived hell on Earth, Elizabeth Smart. Unwavering, determined, after Brian Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison for abducting and raping her for nine months.   "I would like to once again express my gratitude to anyone who ever prayed for me, who ever searched for me that ever put in time, thinking about me that made an effort to try and bring me home," said Smart on May 25, 2011.   Coming home has happened before in the worst of child abduction cases.   "When I was 11 years old, I was riding my bike, when I was kidnapped by a stranger," says Shawn Hornbeck, who lost his childhood to kidnapper Michael Devlin in Missouri.   "I was held captive for four-and-a-half years," says Hornbeck.   When Devlin abducted another boy, Ben Ownby, it was the critical break as police tracked Devlin to his apartment and found both boys. Hornbeck has since launched his own missing children's foundation.   "If you see something, say something, Reach out to someone. Hi this is Jaycee Dugard."   You know her by this picture. Jaycee Dugard kidnapped at age 11, held for 18 years by Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, in northern California. Garrido fathered two children with his victim.   Dugard lived as a prisoner in plain sight until a local police officer's suspicions tracked her to a secret backyard compound.   "If you see something that seems wrong or amiss, speak out. You might be wrong, but you may save someone's life," Dugard said.   Dugard's mother told Piers Morgan that joy and heartache follow a kidnapped child's return.   "Nothing is normal after somethiing like this happens to you. And you have to accept that fact, And you have to move forward," says Terry Probyn, mother of Jaycee Dugard.   These survivors are moving ahead, after living lives once frozen in fear.
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