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www.wmfd.com - An Atlanta-area man believes he may have hit the jackpot, saying he found an old recipe that could be the original one for Coca-Cola. }}" />

Man Says He's Found Original Coca-Cola Recipe

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 5/15/2013  An Atlanta-area man believes he may have hit the jackpot.    He found an old recipe that he says could be the original one for Coca-Cola.   Officials at the soft drink giant dismiss the claim, saying the original recipe is locked away.   Matt Pearl has the story.   Put yourself for a moment in the mind of a dreamer.   In this case, the dreamer is a resident of Ringgold, Georgia, who loves finding and selling antiques.   "It's a treasure hunt. We go around looking for treasure. And, apparently we may have found some."   Cliff Kluge and his wife, Arlene, recently purchased a box of letters and papers at an estate sale,. One of those papers is a cola recipe from 1943.   Which recipe?   "I think it's the recipe for Coca-Cola," says Cliff Kluge.   Yes, Coca-Cola. The beverage based out of Atlanta has been a tightly-kept secret since the 19th Century.   Kluge believes this recipe has clues.   "On the last page of this, on page 83, it says the extractor is the original Coca-Cola formula. That's what I'm basing most of this on. They had access to the original formula," says Kluge.   "So maybe we should talk to them?" asked reporter Matt Pearl.   "I think they're gone," replied Kluge.   Kluge's recipe matches closely with another recipe. Two years ago, NPR found a formula for Coca-Cola and published it online. Their web site crashed from all the traffic. So what have officials at Coca-Cola said?   "They told me they'd call me back in 7-to-10 business days. Well, they haven't contacted me back," says Kluge.   They did return our calls with their own statement: "Through the years, many have tried to crack the secret formula, but no one has been able to reproduce the "Real Thing." The real formula is safetly tucked away in a vault at the World of Coca-Cola" in Atlanta."   That hasn't stopped Kluge. he has put his recipe on EBay.   "I put it down for an initial bid of $5-million and a "buy now" bid of $15-million," says Kluge.   Have there been any takers?   "Uh, no," he replied.   But in the mind of this dreamer, that's not what it's about.   "It's an Easter egg hunt, looking for eggs out there," says Kluge. "And when you come up with something like this, it's Christmas."  
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