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www.wmfd.com - The takedown of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects ended in a wild shootout in Watertown, Massachusetts, and, for the first time, we're hearing from the officers in the middle of that scene. }}" />

Officers Talk About Boston Bombing Suspects Shootout

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 5/16/2013  The takedown of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects ended in a wild shootout in Watertown, Massachusetts.    And, for the first time, we're hearing from the officers in the middle of that scene.   Kathy Curran has the story.   "It was just rapid fire, like fireworks going off. I couldn't believe what was happening."   "Shots fired! Shots fired!"   Officer Joeseph Reynolds was alone and under fire as he came around the corner of Laurel Street in Watertown after locking eyes on a stolen black Mecedes sport utility vehicle.   "I come around the corner onto Laurel, I see officer Reynolds in reverse and I hear him say shots fired," says Sgt. John MacLellan of the Watertown, Massachusetts Police. "He started walking towards me as he was shooting."  Shots were being firedm explosives launched and a pressure cooker exploded.  These Watertown cops didn't know the men they were up against were marathon bombing suspects Tamerlain and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  The brothers allegedly gunned down MIT police officer Sean Collier hours earliers, carjacked a man in Cambridge and headed west.   "They have explosives, grenade, in between the houses down there," says Sgt. Jeff Pugliese of the Watertown Police. "I just thought it was a vehicle that was carjacked and a couple of people who didn't want to get caught. Pulling up I can here the gunshots and the explosions."   Sgt. Pugliese had just finished his shift but rushed to the scene in his family's mini-van.   Officer Timothy Menton was working a detail around the corner, and Officer Miguel Colon hit the gas from across town.    Moments later, Pugliese was in a battle with Tamerlain Tsarnaev, who was obly about six feet away.   "We were exchanging gunfire at each other. Something happened to his pistol, I don't know if he ran out of bullets, had a malfunction or what but I remember him stopping, looking at the gun and then getting frustrated and throwing the gun at me. I holstered my weapon and chased after him and tackled him," says Pugliese. "I know all these guys, I know their families, the fear that I had that one of them was going to get hit was unreal," says Colon.   Dzhokhat Tsarnaev hopped behind the wheel of the SUV and sped towards the officers on the ground trying to handcuff his brother. "At the time both myself and Sergeant Pugliese are out of ammunition, neither one of us have one bullet left," says MacLellan. "I grabbed Tamerlan by the back of the pants and I tried to drag him out of the road. I might have moved him a half a foot or so. And then all of a sudden I can see once again with my peripheral vision the headlights were right here in my face. I rolled back, I think they missed me with that vehicle by an inch or so," says Pugliese. "I took a breath. I was like 'oh my God, did this really just happen?'" said Reynolds. "Then I started to hear 'officer down, officer down.""   Reynolds and Menton switched to rescue mode and helped MBTA cop Richard Donahue who was severely wounded.   Reynolds grabbed oxygen, Menton applied pressure to the wound, then hopped behind the wheel of the ambulance.  "It was a very dire situation. I mean, we were all terrified. We thought we had lost him on scene, luckily we got him to Mt Auburn as fast as possible and they were able to save his life," says Menton.   There's no training that could have ever prepared these officers for what they faced on that April morning, but their experience, instinct and sense of duty prevailed. "I'm very proud we were able to stop them," said MacLellan.
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