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www.wmfd.com - A possible tornado has swept through the area near Dallas-Fort Worth, causing multiple fatalities and scores of injuries. }}" />

Tornado Outbreak In North Texas

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 5/16/2013  A possible tornado has swept through the area near Dallas-Fort Worth, causing multiple fatalities and scores of injuries.   Now emergency workers are evacuating residents and searching for people among the rubble.   Victor Blackwell has more from Granbury, Texas.  Communities in North Texas are surverying the damage after a powerful storm sysrtem ripped through Wednesday night, causing widespread destruction and casualties.   "We are doing a throrough search of the area again, with search and rescue task force two team from Dallas fire and rescue. I'm not going to leave any stone unturned," says Huron County Sheriff Roger Deeds.    This video was shot by a stormchaser.   "Just hugging to life and pray to God as loud as you can."   That's what this man did when the storm hit.  He rode out the storm with his family, in his bathrub.    "You could see the whole, the roof collapse and you could see it, the twister, just there facing you. It's horrible."   Officials say it hopscotched through the aream touching down and lifting up as it cut through North Texas.   As the storms passed, reports of injuries and fatalities came in.   "I've had information that people were found in homes. They were hard hit, those homes, I've been told, were collapsed, destroyed they were probably hit by flying debris," says Sheriff Deeds.   Those who could, made their way out of their homes while crews worked to free people trapped inside flattened buildings.   "At the top of the hill you can tell where the tornado went through directly, 'cause it's just wiped out: trees gone, houses completely demolished."   Officials sent school buses to the hardest hit areas to help with evacuations.   As residents cope with losing everything, in an instant.   "There's just nothing left, I'm sorry. There's just nothing left," said one resident.  
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