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www.wmfd.com - All the missing have been accounted for after tornadoes pounded northern Texas leveling homes and killing six. Rene Marsh has the story from Grandbury, Texas. }}" />

Clean Up Begins After Deadly Texas Tornadoes

Story By: Justin Baughman



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  Original Published: 5/17/2013


A Texas neighborhood with dozens of Habitat for Humanity homes bore the brunt of the deadly weather where at least six residents were killed.

CEO of Habitat for Humanity Jonathan Reckford says they will rebuild. "We'll be working with the affected families, not just the habitat families and but others that meet our low income criteria, to begin that repair and rebuilding process." Reckford said.

The National Weather Service now says 16 tornadoes tore through Northern Texas.

Patricia Lopez rode out the weather with her family in a bathtub. "I had my eyes closed we were all praying, it, was just, it was awful, it was the scariest feeling, I was worried about my kids." Lopez said.

Neighbors gathered the injured but couldn't make it to the hospital because of downed trees and power lines, and ended up carrying victims to the paramedics. 

As the massive clean up continues, residents of the hardest hit neighborhoods may have to wait for days to return, and see what's left of their homes.


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