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Italians Leave Ancient Pizza Profession To Egyptians
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 5/26/2013

  When you think of pizza, Italy is probably the first country that pops into your mind.   But even with unemploiyment close to 12-percent, some Italians have left this ancient profession to Egyptians.   CNN's Ben Wedeman explains.   If can get pretty hot in the pizza kitchen, and for the Pizzaiolo pizza chef, there's no time for rest.   Increasingly, many Italians, however, can't stand the heat in the kitchen and are getting out of this most Italian of professions. Despite high unemploymentm they're leaving it to others, like Gamal, from Egypt, to make the dough.   And, that's just fine with Gamal.   "It's an area where lots of jobs available," he says.   He's been in Italy for almost a dozen years, and recently was hired by the Tramonto De' Roma Restaurant in the seaside suburb of Ostia.   Across this city, you're more likely to find a Bangladeshi, a Bosnian or an Egyptian, than a local working the oven.   It doesn't phase pizza critic Armando, evaluating Gamal's work.   "It's good," he says. "The crust is thin as I and a lot of people here like it, and it's tasty."   And, maybe pizza isn't really as Italian as is commonly thought.   According to some historians, pizza actually comes from Egypt anyway, so there's nothing unusual about having an Egyptian make your pizza.   "There's nothing odd about it," says Gamal, a most practical man. "I am here to work. If there's work, I'll do it."   It doesn't matter where the Pizzaiolo comes from. The proof is in the pizza.    
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