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Stories Of Survival After Oklahoma Devastation

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 5/22/2013  The massive tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma has killed at least 24 people and injured hundreds.   It devastated homes and businesses, leaving many with nothing.   But as people start over in such a dark time, stories of survival are shining through.   Ed Payne has more.   Climbing mountains of debris, sorting through what once was a home, or a business, the damage is widespread in Moore, but as they look at what they've lost, they're talking about what they've found.   "I just went, 'Bryan, Bryan!' And he just ran up and then we both cried and hugged. And we just like burst into tears. It was awesome," says  tornado victim Rebecca Vutsmun.   One woman found her dog buried in the rubble of her home.   Emotional, as she talked about what her family's been through.   "We've been super blessed with our family's safety, and now the safety of all of our animals. My daughter survived at Plaza Towers, and God is so good."   Some of the most emotional reunions happend near Briarwood Elementary School, where students survived the storm as the school crumbled around them.   Parents searched for their children, then held them close.   One man says when he saw his neighbor's son, they connected.   "I felt like maybe I needed that hug as much as he did at that time," says Jim Routon. "We weren't sure if anyone was going to come out alive. And to go over and see one of my favorite neighbors, child, emerge, it was, it was awesome, It was just an amazing feeling."   A feeling shared my many, amid the lost, and found.   The National Weather Service says the twister was an E-F-5, the most powerful category of tornadoes possible.   They also estimate the storm carried winds from 200 to 210 miles-per-hour.
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