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www.wmfd.com - Big tobacco is back on the airwaves and it's been more than four decades since the federal ban on cigarette ads for radio and television went into effect, but now, some of the nation's major tobacco producers are back on T-V, with spots featuring E-Cigarettes. }}" />

More Smokers Lighting Up With E-Cigarettes

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 6/12/2013  Big tobacco is back on the airwaves.   It's been more than four decades since the federal ban on cigarette ads for radio and television went into effect.   But now, some of the nation's major tobacco producers are back on T-V, with spots featuring E-Cigarettes.   Maggie Lake reports.   "You've come a long way, baby"   It's been decades since cigarettes like Virginia Slims were considered trendy and fashionable.   When Don Draper of Mad Men fame could light up at will.   And when giving a carton of cigarettes was considerd an appropriate holiday gift.   "It looks so bright and colorful under your Christmas tree."   But today, with the dangers of tobacco smoke plastered on every packet, a new generation of smokeless cigarettes are gaining investor attention, and even celebrity support.   With these cigarettes, nicotine is heated up, creating a smokeless vapor.   And to the dismay of some in the health industry who worry anout their safety, sales are rising.   E-Cigarette sales are expected to double this year, to a $1-billion market, with dozens of brands to choose from.   Investors who used to smoke out opportunity in the trendy.coms, are sinking cash into smokeless start-ups.   Former Facebook president and the brains behind Napster Sean Parker is among the investors pouring a whopping $75-million into N-Joy, one of the leading E-Cigarette makers.   Bedford Slims, a smokeless cigarette start-up  based in Brooklyn, New York, is also attracting outside interest.   "I started with about a 5,000 dollar investment and throughout that course of the year, I raised about 15 thousand dollars," says Bedford Slims Co-Founder, Jesse Gaddis.   And don't think big tobacco isn't sniffing out opportunity.   "Today we are unveiling our latest transformative product: Vuse digital vapor cigarettes," says Daan Delen, CEO of Reynolds American.   Last week, RJ Reynolds, the makers of Camel. Winston and Salem cigarettes, rolled out "Vuse."   Reynolds is not worried people will turn away from traditional tobacco just yet.   "There will be some level of cannibalization - however it's aligned with our transformation strategy - we've got to provide smoke-free alternatives," says Stephanie Cordisco, President of RJ Reynolds Vapor Co.   Smoke-free alternatives are only lightly regulated by the government.   But there's nothing stopping them from being advertised on T-V and in magazines.   Without government intervention, big tobacco may be back on the airwaves in a big way.    
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