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Roller Derby 101

Story By: Brian Skowronski



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  Original Published: 6/26/2013

When most people hear about the sport of Roller Derbies, they likely think back to sports more brutal days in the 1970's and 80's. But Roller Derbies have come a long way since then and are alive and well in the Buckeye state.

Micha Grubaugh, head coach of the Central Ohio Roller Dolls, says the sport is like a combination of Nascar and a demolition derby. He says however, "It's not like the old style roller derbies you used to see on TV with elbows and hair pulling. It's a sport now."

Captain of the Roller Dolls Kali "Green Hell-Ana" Sponsceller agrees, saying, "This isn't WWE on skates. There are rules. It's just a full-contact sport like football."

While many spectators are likely drawn to the sport because of their preconceived notions or the multitude of contact, most probably do not understand the rules, but the game is very simple.

There are five players on the floor for each squad during play. Of those, one is the "Jammer" who wears a star on their helmet. Once the Jammer gets through the pack, which is the other four players for each team, they are eligible to score points. Once the Jammer gets through the pack a second time, they score one point every time they pass an opposing player.

There are two 30 minute halves, and each "Jam" can last up to two minutes or be as short as 20 seconds if the Jammer gives the signal to stop a Jam, which is a touching of the hips.

The particular match in this video took place on Sunday in Mount Vernon between the Roller Dolls and Derby Dames Hades Ladies. The match was won by the Hades Ladies 203-196.

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