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Manscaping Apparently Is Catching On

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 6/27/2013

  Manicures and pedicures, for men?

  It's called manscaping.
  And it's becoming big business.
  Felicia Taylor has the story.

  Keeping up appearances is key in New York City. Traditional salons like these have catered to women for years. But now, men are getting into the action.

  This scene from the movie "The 40-year-old Virgin" may have turned some men off.

 "You know what, I've got  a weak stomach, that's all I can really take."

  But studies show more than half of men are shelling out cash for some kind of personal care.

  And companies are churning out new products.

  Kehl's rang the opening bell on Wall Street to promote "Facial Fuel" for men, with the help of Marvel Comicbook hero Captain America.

  Boys do like their superheroes after all.

  "Demand is so strong there are a number of different salons that cater just to men, like this one called Nickel in London, Paris and New York," says CNN"s Felicia Taylor.

  At the spa, demand for services are up 10-percent year-over-year.

  Men can get soothing facials, space age power naps, and one of the treatments in highest demand is a deluxe mani-pedi, a foot scrub that uses kelp and aloe vera.

  It's $80 for an hour-and-a-half.

  But these men say it;s worth every dime.

  "You have to see the dentist once every six months," said one customer. "I feel you should get your feet worked on and your hands done once or twice a month also."

  Waxing is also big, including the treatment called The Brazilian.

  "It's completely bare and it's below the waistline," says Michael Hazel, Nickel Spa for Men General Manager.

  At the Dorit Baxter Salon, women say, bring it on!

  "Do you like your men to be buffed and polished?" asked Taylor. "Absolutely," answered one woman. "It gives them a sense of confidence."

  So the men in our film crew decided to give it a try.

  Intern Bo Friddel got the deluxe treatment, his first-ever pedicure!

  "I'm right on the edge, it can go either way at this point," said Friddel. "It's a bit painful at first, but once I got used to it, it felt pretty good"

  "Would you recommend this experience," asked Taylor.

  "One-hundred percent," replied Friddel.

  "Clearly we have a converted customer," Taylor remarked.

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