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Extreme Heat Warnings Remain In The Southwest

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 7/2/2013  Extreme heat warnings remain in effect for parts of the southwest through the July 4 holiday.   Dan Simon shows us how people there are trying to cope with the dangerously hot temperatures.   All across the West, it was another day of opressive heat.   This is a so-called cooling station in Las Vegas.   A place for people to get a break from triple digit temperatures.   The Salvation Army says 300 people a day are coming through its doors to escape the unrelenting weather.   "Not only do they get cooling stations and the benefit of the water that we put out, but they can also take showers if they need to in here for free," says Andre Ingram of the Las Vegas Salvation Army. "They get as much water as they possibly can utilize in a day, where normally, where they wak around just looking for it."   The casual ties contonue to mount.   In Southern California, authorities announced six runners who braved a half-marathon, had to be hospitalized for heat-related injuries.   Relief comes in all forms.   "I get just a lot of customers just happy to see me," says Jeff Underwood of Bell Brothers Heating.   In Sacramento, this air conditioner repairman has never been busier.   In Phoenix, church groups distribute bottled water as quickly as possible.   In Santa Cruz, cooler temperaturs at the beach seemed heavenly, and back in Las Vegas, children flock to an ice skating rink.   What's also concerning is places not normally known for sizzling temperatures are also feeling the effects.   Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington and Idaho have sweltering temperatures.   "I don't know if you've ironed out your own shirt and that smell ironing board, that's what it smelled like at pool side," said tourist Alan Kirkpatrick.   Death Valley, California set a record temperature on Monday, hitting 127 degrees.   That broke the old record for July 1 by two degrees.
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