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www.wmfd.com - He's five months old and weighs around 10 pounds and his name is Lentil, a French Bull dog puppy who has made quite a name for himself by encouraging kids to be comfortable in their own skin, as Holly Firfer explains in today's Health Minute. }}" />

Puppy Makes Name For Himself In The Health Minute

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 7/4/2013  He's five months old and weighs around 10 pounds.    His name is Lentil, a French Bull dog puppy who has made quite a name for himself by encouraging kids to be comfortable in their own skin.    Here's Holly Firfer, with his story in today's Health Minute.   Lentil's story began in February when he was born with a cleft palate and lip.   He couldn't eat on his own and was fed through a tube.   His adopted owner was constantly on edge.   "Because there's always that chance anything that he's taking through his mouth can go into his lungs," says Lindsay Condefer, Lentil's "Mom."   Lentil was treated at the University of Pennsylvania's Veterinary School.   Working with craniofacial experts at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the doctors came up with a plan.   Because Lentil's lip was only a cosmetic problem, they decided to fix his palate, so he could eat.   "The cleft lip itself is more of a cosmetic surgery, not really a necessity for patients that are not fully aware of what they look like," says Dr. Alexander Reiter, Dentistry/Oral Surgert at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School.   They asked Lentil's "mom" if he could become part of a program where kids with certain conditions, meet animals who have the same challenges.   Lentil was the perfect "ambassadog" for kids with craniofacial issues.   Lentil is so popular, patient families, like the Pfeiffers, have bonded with him.   They say he helped their son, Danny, deal with the many complications that come with facial surgery.   "He's here for a reason and he's made it for a reason," says Condefer.   Lentil, a little pup, that's already made a big difference.
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