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Study Finds Possible Link Of Memory Loss And Technology

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 7/14/2013 A heavy reliance on technology may be linked to short-term memory loss. That's according to a study out of South Korea. Matt Markovich reports on the effect smartphones and video games have on the brain. Josiah, Jason and Donnie are in college now, been playing video games since, "probab;y 10." "Since seven or eight." But have all those years of game playing improved their cognitive ability? "I guess I have better hand-eye coordination maybe," saus Josiah Harrison. Donnie Wilcox sees some merit to the study. The reason: digital devices remember for you. "We just assume we can use technology for things," says Wilcox. "We always used to have to rremember them." Avid texter Remi Wiley agrees. "You don't have to think about it very much, anymore, which is kind of sad," says Wiley. The study found a correlation between heavy consumptio n of digital gadgets and short-term memory loss in young people. Luke Clearwater believes the study. "Your news feeds, the plot of the video game, it's not really meant to keep your brain focused on one specific thing for a long amount of time, and it just trains our minds to now want to do that, so it comes down to exercising your brain," says Clearwater. "That left and right brain kind of thing, remembering something like a phone number, our devices do that now." So we did a simple test, ask the digital gen xers to recite a phone number of a close friend. "I just go to the contact and click the name and the number, and it starts calling," says Clearwater. "But you probably don't even remember the number?" asks reporter Matt Markovich. "No, not at all," replies Clearwater. "You have this phone number on your phone but you just couldn't tell me what it is, right?" asked Markovich. "'Cause I don't remember it," says Clearwater. "What's his phone number?" asks Markovich. "I couldn't tell you that," says Clearwater. "Do you know what his phone number is?" again asks Markovich. "No, I never bothered to learn," says Clearwater.
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