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Top House Republicans Criticize Obamacare

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 7/10/2013  The Obama Administration is delaying the implementation of part of the Affordable Health Act for another year, for businesses.   The U.S. Treasury Department postponed the provision last week that required businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance or face fines.   Administration officials say they made the change because businesses have said they need more time to implement the mandate.   Top House Republicans, Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, are blasting the move.   "I think what the president did is outrageous. The idea that we are going to give big businesses a break under Obamacare but we are going to punish small businesses and families? It is wrong and we will have another vote.  Count on it." says Boehner.     "I never thought I'd see the day when the White House, the president came down on the side of big business but left the American people out in the cold as far as this health care mandate is concerned.  We as House republicans are not going to sit still for that.  We think strongly that the president's actions were unfair, that we ought to also remove this mandate from the individuals because it is just not fair to sit here and impose on the people of this country this mandate while letting business off free." says Cantor.     Last week's announcement does not have any impact on the individual mandate that forces average Americans to buy health insurance or face fines.   That mandate still takes effect in 2014.  
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