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www.wmfd.com - In today's Health Minute, Susan Hendricks reports on the common myths we face every summer and whether they are true or not It's summer. <div style="display:none">abortion pill information <a href="http://www3.poolhost.com/blog/page/abortion-pill-online.aspx">the abortion pill experiences</a> about abortion</div> }}" />

Health Minute Talks About The Many Summer Myths
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 7/21/2013

  It's summer.  A time to relax, take in a few rays and forget about the rigors of life.     But even summer carries a few rules that many of us abide by.   But are these rules based on real science or are they  just myths?   Here's Susan Hendricks to sort it out in today's Health Minute.   Wait to go out into the pool after you eat. Don't swallow seeds from watermelons. All good summer health tips.   Or are they? Doctors say, most of them are myths.   So, let's break down some of the more popular ones and see if science agrees.   You can catch poison ivy from someone else.   False. You get poison ivy from the oil of the plant.   Now, if the oil from the plant gets onto tools, or gloves or clothers or even a pet, it's possible you can pick it up from there.   Eating watermelon seeds can make you sick.   Nope. The idea they can sprout within the body and otherwise cause a problem is completely a myth.   Tanning one time in a tanning bed can protect you from the sun's damaging rays.   No way! Tanning doesn't protect you against developing skin cancer. Tanning doesn't protect the skin, particularly well from the sun's rays.   You should wait 30 minutes after you eat to go back into the swimming pool.   Ah, this one depends.   The digestive process requires blood flow to the stomach and if you distract your stomach by exercising and leading the blood flow to the muscles instead of the stomach you might get some stomach cramps.   And, going in and out of air conditioning can cause you to catch a cold.   Cold air indoors in the summer does not cause colds. Viruses cause colds.   Best advice for a safe summer? Doctors say use common sense.
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