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www.wmfd.com - Massive downpours in Arizona triggered flash floods that washed out roads, leading to some dramatic water rescues. }}" />

Arizona Firefighters Save Residents From Flash Flood Waters

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 7/23/2013 Massive downpours in Arizona triggered flash floods that washed out roads, leading to some dramatic water rescues. Stephanie Elam reports. Raging monsoon waters flooded parts of the Phoenix area on Sunday, leading firefigthers to a series of dramatic rescues caught on camera. At least a half-dozen people were brought to safety. "This is pretty bad. I mean I think the worst I have seen so far," says one witness. "I've lived here for three years now." Emergency crews braved the thigh-high flash flood waters. One rescue, after another, after another. Watch as emergency crews rushed to the aid of these two 19-year-old boys in Apache Junction, who crawled out of their submerged SUV to a small patch of land nearby. "At that point their natural instinct is to bail out and get out of the vehicle and at that point they're going with the flow of the water, which is very important," says Lori Eder of the Mesa Fire Department. A helicopter hovers above, lowering a harness, lifting one of the teenagers across the rising waters to safety. The second snaps pictures of the scene, even appearing to take a self-portait mid-rescue, Firefighters conduc tinig rescues by air and land, lowering a ladder from a fire truck to rescue this couple stuck in a pickup truck for nearly an hour before following a safety line to land. And, just west in Scottsdale, a firefighter carries this woman to dry land as the water consumes her car. A similar fate for this Corvette, carried some 100 yards by the floodwaters. The driver, rescued. "He got out of the vehicle and was sitting on top of it," said a witness. "The water was so high that you couldn't see the vehicle at all."
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