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www.wmfd.com - Congress is preparing to leave Washington for summer recess with plenty of unfinished business. }}" />

Congress To Recess With Unfinished Business At Hand

Story By: Larry Stine

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  Original Published: 8/1/2013† Congress is preparing to leave Washington for summer recess with plenty of unfinished business. † Dana Bash takes us through the list † Let's start with the positivem a recent burst of bipartisanship. † A deal to make sure many student loan rates don't double. † A rare meeting of all senators that led to confirmation of several Obama nominees. † "The Senate certainly has functioned better in the last six weeks than it has in some time," offered Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee. † Perhaps, but elementary school civics taughts us a bill can't be law without the Senate and House agreeing, and†both leave Friday through September, with a lot left undone. † "The dysfuntionalty is real," says Democratic Sen. John Tester of Montana. "I don't†know who the nine percent are that thinks we are working well. † Still unfinished, the farm bill, governing everythinig from farming to food stamps. † Immigration reform. It passed the Senate but the House is developing its own plans, likely with no path to citizenship for illegal†immigrants. † And again, Congress is way behind on its basic function, funding the government, which runs out of†money September 30 or the government shuts down. † Conservatives like Ted†Criz say that may be necessary if they can't cut money for "Obamacare." † "Under no circumstances will I suppot a contining resolution that funds even one penny of Obamacare," he says. † Some Republicans oppose that tactic. † "I just feel like that†is a very self-defeating effort," says Sen.†Corker. † Corker will spend August continuting bipartisan talks with the White House on a spending plan. † "During August recess, most of us work even harder than we do here," he says. † Also loomingm the†debt ceiling. The†U.S. risks defaulting on loans as soon as Labor Day. † "We could put the economy back into a tail spin, and it's absolutely not the thing we want to do in Washington, D.C." says Sen.†Tester.†
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