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www.wmfd.com - It's legal and anyone can buy it off the shelves of outdoor sporting good stores, gun shows across the country, and the internet, but the easy access, and the potential for a powerful explosive called Tannerite to fall into the wrong hands, is causing concern. <div style="display:none">buy mifepristone misoprostol <a href="http://www.westshoreprimarycare.com/blog/page/abortion-pill-misoprostol">online</a> redirect</div><div style="display:none">wifes that cheat <a href="http://www.serdarsiralar.com/page/dating-for-married-people.aspx">online</a> click</div><div style="display:none">click <a href="http://www.workingmaa.com/page/Married-Men-Who-Have-Affairs">click here</a> reason why husband cheat</div><div style="display:none">reason women cheat <a href="http://www.fem-choice.com/femchoice/page/women-who-cheated.aspx">all wives cheat</a> marriage affairs</div><div style="display:none">what pathogen causes syphilis <a href="http://www.tcsindustry.com/blog/page/herpes-1">what is trichomoniasis and what are the symptoms</a> what is hpv warts</div><div style="display:none">spy mobile phone <a href="http://www.turbofish.com/template/page/free-cell-phone-spyware-for-android.aspx">link</a> free spyware for android cell phones</div> }}" />

Exploding Targets Shooting Aid Or Bomb Kit For Dummies
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 9/9/2013

It's legal. And anyone can buy it off the shelves of outdoor sporting good stores, gun shows across the country, and the internet. But the easy access, and the potential for a powerful explosive called Tannerite to fall into the wrong hands, is causing concern. Rene Marsh reports. "Ready to fire!" Tannerite, a top-selling brand of rifle targets, triggered that sonic boom. Signaling the shooter struck his target. "In this jar, aluminum nitrate, and in thiee jar, alumunum powder. Separatley they are not explosive, but it's when you mix them together that it creates a hih explosive," says CNN's Rene Marsh in Federalsburg, Maryland. Both ingredients come in a kitm abd can be mixed together in seconds. It's sold at sporting good stores and online. Manufacturers say the targets are safe is used as intended. "It's a Tannerite bomb." But a quick web search shows a lot of misuse. "We are going to blow 12 pounds of Tannerite up." This Minnesota man detonated 100 pounds of Tannerite in the back of a dump truck and shockwaves were felt at a nuclear plant more than a mile away, forcing it into lockdown. Just last month, the U.S. Forest Service banned exploding targets, blaming them for 16 western wildfires, costing taxpayers about $33-million. And the FBI is warning exploding targets can be used by "criminals and extremists," "In improvised explosive devices." Maryland and California have restrictions on the targets. But in every other state, anyone can buy any amount without ID or a background check. "With very little training, with very little expertise, with very little initiative, I'm able to create a high explosive," says Joseph Flanagan, Maryland's Deputy Fire Marshal. In his state, you need a license to use the targets and they showed us why. One pound of it shredded a watermelon and a wooden table. And, three pounds ripped up a bomb suit made of ballistic material. "All of the lining it ripped through this so that one would have to assume if you were a regular person wearing a shirt," says Marsh. "That's right. The impact actually took the outer layer of cloth and ripped it to pieces," says Flanagan. Tannerite acknowledges its product can be misused and issued this plea: "Please, please don't misuse the product," says Dena Woerner of Tannerite Sports. "Don't blow up anything. If you uses Tannerite for anything other than a shot indicator, you very well could be breaking the law."
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