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www.wmfd.com - Sure, there are plenty of advantages of owning a smartphone, but could our attachment to our phones be affecting us in a bad way, so Susan Hendricks has more in today's Health Minute. }}" />

Ways To Use Your Smartphone Wisely In The Health Minute

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 9/15/2013 Sure, there are plenty of advantages of owning a smartphone. But could our attachment to our phones be affecting us in a bad way? And perhaps even causing us stress? Susan Hendricks has today's Health Minute. If alerts are not turned off, smartphones can constantly prompt their owners. "The technology travels with us everywhere we go, intrudes into our awareness and is routinely interrupting our concentration or our ability to focus," says Scott Bea, a psychologist with the Cleveland Clinic. If this sounds familiar, here are some tips to be 'smart' about your smartphone use. "The first thing is to tune into how you're uring your smartphone," says Bea. Is it dictating your life or are you actually creating rules on how you're gonna use it? Maybe you're willing to check your phone once every hour or once every half hour, rather than everytime you hear an alert." Practicing mindfulness, being truly aware of your surroundings, may help, says Bea. "One of the things that reduces stress in people is a senes of controllability," says Bea. "And so, as we relinquish our smartphones a little bit or create better decision rules, we get back a sense that we're actually in governance of ourlife and in governance of where out attention is going." That means deciding when you are going to bother with your phone versus when it is going to bother you.
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