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Mansfield Men's Garden Club Presents Beautification Awards
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Story By: Greg Heindel



  Originally Published on: 9/13/2013

The Mansfield Men's Garden Club presented its annual beautification awards Thursday night during its corn roast at the Richland County Fairgrounds. Ten awards were given, with eight in the residential category and one each in the institutional and commercial categories. The residential winners are: Mark and Pamela Eliis of 3463 Needham Rd. in Lexington, John and Earl Flynn of 278 St. Rt. 97 in Bellville, Jack Illiff, Sr. of 1676 Wilmington Place in mansfield, Larry and Anne Miller of 649 Bennington Dr. in Mansfield, Rhonda and Ron Pore of 549 Inwood Dr. in Mansfield, Jill Squires and Jack Webber of 3447 Millsboro West Rd. in Mansfield, and Allen Vild of 466 Glendale Blvd. in Mansfield. The institutional winner is Gospel Assembly Church at 1100 S. Trimble Rd. in Mansfield. The commercial winner is Primrose Retirement Communities at 1301 Millsboro Rd. in Mansfield. The Mansfield Men's Garden Club member award goes to Bob Brown of 63 Shaffner Blvd. in Mansfield

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