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www.wmfd.com - Canadian investigators are still looking for the cause of Wednesday's deadly collision between a double-decker bus and a train. Six people were killed in the crash. Laurie Graham has more, including how witnesses describe the accident.<div style="display:none">abortion providers <a href="http://www3.poolhost.com/blog/page/abortion-pill-online.aspx">go</a> read</div> }}" />

Six Dead In Train And Bus Collision In Canada
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 9/19/2013

Canadian investigators are still looking for the cause of Wednesday's deadly collision between a double-decker bus and a train. Six people were killed in the crash. Laurie Graham has more, including how witnesses describe the accident. The double-decker bus is upright but the front end was sheered away. What's left is scattered on the tracks. The impact derailed the Via locomotive. "The bus broke suddenly, fortunately I was hold on to the seat in front of me," said one passenger. "It happened just after 8:45 Wednesday morning," says Laurie Graham of CBC News. "The double-decker bus was approaching this crossing when the collision happened." Greg Mech was on the upper deck and could hear passengers try to warn the driver. "There was some screams for him to stop just before he may have braked at the last moment," says Mech. "I did not feel that and the bus actually hit the train dead on." Alex Begin was sitting on the lower deck. "The gate was down, he went right through," said Begin. "The gate was down?" asked Graham. "Yeah," answered Begin. There were no major injuries on the Via rail train. Passengers were escorted off, luggage and all. Janet Weatherston was sitting in the back when the crash happened. "It was bumpy and then the bus was right there," she said. This man was traveling with his infant child. "I feel very bad for the driver," he said. "I heard he was fatally killed." The driver and five ohers on board the bus were killed, the injured were taken to surrounding hospitals. "The sorrow that we felt, we all feel is deep and I'm sure shared by all residents of Ottawa and in fact, all of Canada," says Jim Watson, Ontario Mayor. Investigators are combing the scene, gathering evidence, trying to determine what happened. Eyewitnesses say the crossing gates were down and the lights were flashing. "It happened so fast, I thought the bus was in a safe zone parked," says Heather Hogan, a witness. "I didn't realize it was on the track." The Transportation Safety Board took these photos of the crash site, trying to piece together what happened. "We are assessing the situation right now and we're gonna decide how we're gonna proceed with this as the evidence comes forward," says Guy Pilon, Transporation Safety Board Lead Investigator. Investigators say they're looking at everything from whether the crash was caused from human error or mechanical. Other bus drivers blame the double-decker bus. "We avoid th busses because they're top-end heavy, easy to tip and hard to stop," says Shawn Pulley, OC Transportation bus driver. The crossing is also being called into question. It's at a low level and people in Ottawa have long complained it's a safety risk.
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