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Fall Travel Tips In Today's Consumer Watch
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 9/29/2013

They call it "shoulder season." Fall is the sluggish travel period between summer vacation and the holiday rush. Karin Caifa has tips on finding budget destinations, and when to start deal-hunting for holiday trips, in our Consumer Watch. It's not the most obvious time to take a vacation, but fall travel can be easier and cheaper than the months before and after. "You still have wonderful mild temperatures at many destinations around the country and around the world, yet you have minimized crowds because the kids are back in school, people are waiting to take their winter and holiday vacations," says Jeanenne Tornatore, Orbitz Senior Travel Editor. Tornatore of the travel web site, Orbitz, advises looking at off-peak destinations. "Places like cruising, beach destinations and mountain towns before the ski resorts open," she says. "These are where you're going to find some of the best deals of the fall travel season." Fall weather can be unpredictable, so pack for multiple scenarios. And, if headed to a destibation in the Caribbean that could feel the effects of a late-season storm, consider travel insurance with hurricane coverage. And, also remember, it's also not too early to be thinking about holiday travel plans. "You don't want to wait until mid-to-late October to book those airfares, because the ideal seats and flights will start to fill up and they're only going to get more expensive," says Tornatore.
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