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Battle Of The Most Valuable Brands

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 10/2/2013 Move over Coca-Cola. The world has a new leading brand. Carl Azuz tells us what company now tops the list. What's in a brand? Value, for one thing. For the past 13 years, since consulting company Interbrand started ranking what it calls the "best global brands," Coke was it - the world's most valuable brand. But just this year, Apple ripened, reaching the top spot, thanks, in part, to the release of the newest IPhone. And, Google found its way into the report's second most valuable spot. This doesn't mean Coca-Cola has lost value. Interbrand says the grand gained value over last year by two percent. But Apple jumped 28 percent compared to 2012, Google a whopping 34 percent. And, when you look at how the estimated values of these brands break down, you see Apple at the top, with an estimated worht of $98.3-billion. So what? Well, the shift shows the starring role technology is taking our lives. The majority of this year's top 10 most valuable brands are associated with high technology. Interbrand says their products change buying behaviors and how we communicate with each other. But the rankings aren't necessarily the last word on popularity. If you turn to Facebook for a measure, Coke has more than 73-million likes. Google has around 15-million. And, Apple has a comparatively tiny 9.7-million. In fact, when you look at who like Faacebook itself, you'll see 95-million thumbs ups, almost as much as the other three brands combined.
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