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www.wmfd.com - Ed Gordon, President of the Imperial Consulting Corporation and author of the book "Future Jobs--The Employment and Skills Crisis," returned to Mansfield Wednesday evening for a special seminar at the Renaissance Theatre for business and education leaders. }}" />

Future Jobs Seminar Addresses Skills Job Disconnect

Story By: Brigitte Coles



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  Original Published: 10/10/2013

Ed Gordon, President of the Imperial Consulting Corp., workforce development expert and author of the book "Future Jobs-- The Employment and Skills Crisis," returned to Mansfield Wednesday evening for a special seminar at the Renaissance Theatre for business and education leaders. Gordon is helping the community's effort in developing a Regional Talent Innovations Network, or RETAINS, to develop a stronger workforce. Gordon said communities across the country are trying to change the way in which students are educated and workers are prepared for the workforce to address the growing skills jobs disconnect issues. "Some of the basic issues is that technology is advancing very quickly and as a result requires more workers to habve both a good liberal arts education to having a specific career training for not just a job but a career. Not eneough Americans have that type of education and training," Gordon said. "The second issue is demographically many baby boomers are now leaving the workforce. About 70 million will retire by 2020. Many of them had technical backgrounds that support many of leading digital technology industries in the U.S. We're having a hard time replacing them now with younger workers just coming out of school. Many of them were not encouraged to study science, technology, engineering or math," Gordon said. "Unfortunately many of them have very low levels of reading, math and writing skills, so we're having a ver hard time finding people to fill jobs that are open right now," Gordon said. He said efforts have been made in helping older workers receive re-training for new jobs that have occurred from 2001 until now. Gordon also said we need to reinvent the K-12 education system so that more students are prepared for the jobs of the future. He also said the change would also improve student work ethic and school attendance.  "There is an urgent need across the country for this. There are 30 million American unemployed or under employed working part-time. Yet we have 7.1 million vacant jobs that we can't find anyone to fill that has the right qualifications. According to my research, that number is expected to grow to 14 to 25 million vacant jobs by 2020 as baby boomers retire and as the education to the employment system that is outdated fails to produce the talent we need," Gordon said. "If that occurs a major economic catastrophe will hit the U.S. This is unfolding now across every region of our country and most people don't even understand that this is also a global talent shortage, this is not just in America," Gordon said. Gordon is a recognized international expert on talent, training, careers and education related to business and economic development. During his 40 years of consulting, Gordon has assisted such clients as Microsoft, the Federal Reserve, Motorola, and the U.S. Departments of Education and Labor, as well as universities, school systems and non-profit organizations. Gordon is the co-author of 17 books including Winning the Global Talent Showdown, FutureWork, and The 2010 Meltdown. The seminar was sponsored by the RCDG, the Richland County Development Group.

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