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Free Radon Test Kits Available

Story By: Greg Heindel



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  Original Published: 10/22/2013This is Radon Awareness Week. But if you have radon in your home, it's there year-around, and can put your very life at risk. Radon is an odorless, colorless natural gas that's created by the breakdown on uranium in the soil. It seeps into your house, first through the basement, then into the upper floors at reduced levels of concentration. It can cause lung cancer, and kills 21,000 people a year across the country. The Mansfield-Ontario-Richland County Health Department can help you get a radon test kit free of charge. If you have a certain level of radon in your home, you will need a mitigation system that can cost $800 to $1200. If you need a radon mitigation system, contact the Ohio Health Department to see if it can provide financial assistance. For more information, call Jennifer Frazier at the local health department at 419-774-0278.
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