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Armored Car Sales Booming In Pakistan
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 11/3/2013

In a country plagued by violence, wealthy Pakistanis are taking security matters into their own hands. CNN's Saima Mohsin tells us about Pakistan's booming armored car business. Karachi is Pakistan;s financial capital, a city of high rises and big deals, but look closer and each building has a guard holding a gun. But look closer and each building has a guard holding a gun, protection against the violence that plagues the city. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says they've seen a 45-percent rise in violence, compared to a similar period last year. "More than 1,700 people have been killed in the city of Karachi in the first six months of 2013 alone," says CNN's Saima Mohsin. "The spike in violence, including killings, kidnappings and street crime has meant that people are becoming more security conscious and those that can afford it are investing in armored vehicles." "Have seen a large spike in sales, Last year, we made 60 vehicles and in this year we will definitely exceed 100 vehicles," says Omar Khan, of Omar Jibran Engineering. "I remember when we started business in this division, of armored vehicles, four years ago. We used to do 2-3 vehicles a momht, now we're doing 8-10." Maufacturing cars for the past 20 years Omar Jibran and his father saw an opportunity to develop the armored car business as demand grew amongst local businessmen, politicians and security companies. Sourcing materials from around the world, including the best ballistic metal and glass from Finland and Sweden. "The company takes an average family car and transforms it into an armored vehicle, adding ballistic steel enclosing the cabin, and part of that transformation is also adding bullet resistant glass, they then have to add a heavy suspension to hold up the weight of this armored vehicle," says CNN's Saima Mohsin. "Plus, run flat tires inside the existing tires so that if they're shot at or punctured you can get away, out of harm's way." "There are three distinct protection levels that we give one is against a handgun protection," says Khan. "The other is a step higher like Kalashnikov/AK47 and then we do a level higher which is like shotgun, G3 rifle and M16 rifles." The people using these armored cars weren't willing to talk to CNN on camera because of the security threats they face. Costing between $20,000 and $30,000, on top of the price of a car, it's not cheap, which means the majority of Pakistanis aren't able to afford this kind of protecton. Those who can, aren't taking any chances.
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