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Pink Fire Truck Serves As Vehicle Of Hope And Memorial
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 11/17/2013

A woman who's helped spread breast cancer awareness all across Kansas is now battling the disease again herself. Jade DeGood introduces you to Nicki Janne, the woman behind a special pink fire truck. If this fire truck could talk. "She's a beauty." It could easily write a book. "I can't imagine the power of this pink fire truck." Of the many stories. "It's just incredible." Signed on it's bright pink finish. "Kiss, we've got some pretty special ones here and there." It would start with the woman who began it's new journey. "I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2010, and one of my firefighter friends knew about a pink fire truck and so he sent me a picture of it on facebook I did some investigation and I said oh that would be so cool," says Nicki Janne, who is battling cancer. This fire truck was donated to Nicki and her husband, Richard, a retired firefighter. "She's really pretty in pink," she says. They then turned it into a traveling memorial. "So cancer survivors and those who lost their loved ones actually get to sign the truck, it just becomes an inspiration and encourages others to really keep fighting," she says. Unaware that Nicki's journey with cancer would never end. "I just learned last September that it came back," she said. "And now it's in my bones which means it's not curable but it's manageable." In it's past life, this fire truck saved lives. "I love this girl," she says. Now, it heals hearts. "When people come up to the truck and they realize they are acknowledging cancer that I have cancer," says Richard Janne. "Now I'm talking about a survivor. Survivors get up here and they realize that I in public am going to write my name that I'm a survivor. It's exhilarating." And as Nicki's journey fighting cancer continues. "Then we let the survivors come up *ding* and ring the bell. In celebration that they are a survivor, says Richard Janne. So does this fire truck's mission to keep the stories of the thousands alive. "Some of our signatures, they are really dear to us, there are several that we've lost since they've signed and it's just amazing to travel with their love," says Nicki Janne.
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