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www.wmfd.com - A deer in New Jersey gets some much-needed help as a woman noticed the animal had an arrow stuck through its snout and called wildlife officials for help, as Marci Rubin reports. }}" />

Wildlife Officials Called After Deer Has Arrow Through Snout

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 11/13/2013 A deer in New Jersey gets some much-needed help. A woman noticed the animal had an arrow stuck through its snout and called wildlife officials for help. Marci Rubin reports. New pictures show what is likely to be a much more comfortable rockaway deer. Quite a difference from these pics we showed you last week of the young buck walking around with an arrow stuck through his snout. "I looked out and i ddi the old double-take," says Susan Darrah, who found the deer. "Are my eyes deceiving me? No." As we first reported to you, Susan Darrah saw the deer on her property and called State Fish and Wildlife for help. After waiting for another sighting, they finally caught up with the animal and tranqualized him Saturday night. "They carefully unscrewed the point of the arrow, pulled the other side out, looked at the wound, cleaned it, put medicine on it and gave him a shot of antibiotics," says Darrah. "Then, we patted the deer and waited for him to come around." She says, when he did, the deer walked off on his own, a little groggy from the medication, but on all fours and arrow-free. "I think any human with any kind of heart would do the same as I did," says Darrah. "This is the actual arrow that was pulled out of the deer," says News 12 reporter Marci Rubin. "Susan says she plans to hold onto it as a souvenir." "He became a big part of my life for a week and day, and just not that I'll ever forget hum, but I can tell my grandkid," says Darrah. "I feel after I sat with him and patted him and held him last night, absolutely, more of a bond than before." An outdoor pet of sorts that she says she will continue to keep an eye on when she can.
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