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www.wmfd.com - You've seen the ugly sweaters and you may have even been to an ugly-sweater party or had ugly-sweater day in your office but asMeera Bains reports, a store in Canada even considers it a specialty. }}" />

Canada Store Specializes In Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 11/28/2013 You've seen the ugly sweaters. You may have even been to an ugly-sweater party or had ugly-sweater day in your office. The ironic twist on what was once a terrible gift from grandma may be generating its own industry. As Meera Bains reports, a store in Canada even considers it a specialty. They can be tacky, cheerful, unusual, and downright hideous, but 'tis the season for the ugly Christmas sweater. The ugly Christmas sweater has become a trend to wear at holiday parties. "You put on a Christmas sweater and everyone kind of gets a little more crazier and it's a good conservation piece," says one shopper. "We decided to do an ugly Christmas sweater theme for Christmas Eve dinner," says another shopper. These two friends have taken it to a new level. "We had matching penguin sweaters," says Jordan Birch, member of "Now That's Ugly Society." "We just thought it was a gag, and then it got called the Ugly Sweater Party." They've been holding an annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party for more than a decade, and it's grown so big they now hold it in a ball room. "It's a pretty awesome party," says Chris Boyd, member of "Now That's Ugly Society." "Eleven-hundred people. We have live music. We have a D-J. We have a gospel choir. We have all the festive elements." The duo pushed for the city of Vancouver to proclaim "Ugly Sweater Day" on December 20. The popularity of the festive knits has led to skyrocketing sales at trendy vintage stores. "The uglier the better," says Birch. "The more tacky, the more adornments." Store co-owner Drew Heifitz says even through about 85-percent of them are women's sweaters, the kind grandma would wear, they're hot. "I sell these all year, because I'm also a wholesaler," says Heifitz. "I wholesale these sweaters all across North America and actually, some to Europe. We've probably sold 25,000 sweaters this year." With so many choices, picking the right holiday sweater can be tough. "And, the key to finding the perfect ugly Christmas sweater is finding something that will take you out of your comfort zine," says reporter Meera Bains. "Something you really don't want to be seen wearing." Still, the uglier they are, the bigger the smile. They're also generating some good will.
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