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Animal Lovers Demonstrate In Million Dog March

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Original Published: 12/10/2013 The Humane Society of the United States is accusing a Georgia University of abusing and killing canines for research. The Humane Society released undercover footage from a three month-long investigation at Georgia Regents University. The graphic video shows dogs getting their teeth pulled for dental experiments and their bodies being placed in garbage bags. Dog lovers are demanding an explanation from the school. Dozens of people and their pets gathered in protest. Tyrone McCoy was there. "Shame on you, GRU." That seemed to be the phrase of the day as men, women and furry friends marched for change in GRU's dental research practices. Chamges Julie Lapierre says the video released shows a need for. "I had recently received implants and I just waned to, as I said before, spit them out," she says. Lapierre says her implants were done by a resident in the dental program and the way the dogs were treated in the video reminded her of the treatment she got from residents. "I saw a direct correlation with how the dogs were treated and how i was treated," says Lapierre. "And I felt that, maybe they weren't teaching empathy." An empathy that many8 here don't think would be needed if the research wasn't done in the first place. "Protesters have come out today in dozens to do what they say GRU hasn't - take action," says reporter Tyrone McCoy. And it's not just local protesters. The Humane Society of the United States is also here. "We want them to stop these dental experiments on dogs," says Kathleen Conlee of the Humane Society of the United States. "We want them to stop buying these dogs from what are known as random source dealers, and we want them to be more transparent with the community and what's happening." University administrators have refused to reply to the allegations on camera. Instead, they have only shared emails with faculty and staff, with claims like: "The suggestion that the research was conducted without proper approval is false" and "For the foreseeable future however, animal research remains a critical compenent of developing safer dental implants and ultimately, new cures." Organizer Dennis Briatico and many others claim information released by the university is untrue. So, they're giving these barks a voice to speak out against GRU's administration. "These are our friends," says Briatico. "It's not our possession or our property. We love these like we love our children." GRU maintains it does mistreat animals. Two school officials released a statement to the Augusta Chronicle. It said, in part, "We have seen firsthand that the research conducted at GRU is humane, responsible and highly regulated, simply put, the HSUS has alleged fault where there is none.
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