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Freezing Temps and Hypothermia

Story By: Lauren Artino



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  Original Published: 1/2/2014

We're used to winter weather in Ohio, but next week will bring us temperatures we haven't dealt with in a long time. Temperatures will be below zero during the daylight hours. For most people, hypothermia isn't a serious risk. Still, each year nearly seven-hundred people in the united states die of hypothermia. Doctor Terry Weston of MedCentral Hospital gives us simple advice to follow when going out in the cold.

1) Bundle up: Cover your head and hands. Wearing a hat will keep heat from escaping from your head.

2)Avoid over-exertion: Avoid activities that cause you to sweat a lot. The combination of wet clothing and cold weather can give you chills.

3)Layer: Wear loose-fitting, layered clothing.

4)Dry: Stay as dry as possible. Hypothermia often appears gradually.

Most people are unaware they need help until it's too late. Dr. Weston gave us the common signs to look for.

1)Look for shivering and the "umbles": Stumbles, Mumbles, Fumbles, etc.

People exhibiting these symptoms need medical attention immediately.

Children and the elderly are most at risk for hypothermia. Be sure to visit elderly neighbors, keep an eye on your children and most importantly, prepare for severe weather so you can avoid a trip to the hospital.

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