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www.wmfd.com - June is Men's Health Month, a time to focus on strategies to improve the health of men, and in today's Health Minute, we look at food and how nutritional needs change as men pass through each life stage. <div style="display:none">online <a href="http://www.idpa.com/blog/page/where-to-buy-abortion-pills.aspx">read here</a> side effects abortion pill</div><div style="display:none">married cheat <a href="http://blog.gildedvillage.com/template/page/wives-that-cheat.aspx">link</a> click here</div><div style="display:none">i dream my husband cheated on me <a href="http://www.workingmaa.com/page/Married-Men-Who-Have-Affairs">why women cheat on husbands</a> why do wife cheat on husband</div><div style="display:none">when to get tested for hiv <a href="http://www.fem-choice.com/femchoice/page/treatment-for-aids-and-hiv.aspx">early hiv rash</a> hiv early symptoms</div><div style="display:none">hiv definition <a href="http://thegeorgiaclubforum.com/abortionpills/page/ways-to-contract-hiv.aspx">pictures of hiv lesions</a> what causes hiv/aids</div> }}" />

Men's Nutritional Needs Change As They Get Older
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 6/8/2014

June is Men's Health Month, a time to focus on strategies to improve the health of men. In today's Health Minute, we look at food and how nutritional needs change as men pass through each life stage. Eating right is important for men at any age. But the type and amounts of food needed to keep men healthy can change decade to decade, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Men in their 30's may still have the appetite of a 20-year-old, but the bad eating habits of youth, now need to go. To keep from gaining weight, men need to eat healthy meals on a regular basis throughout the day. This will keep them from being too hungry later and overeating for the evening meal. In their 40's, men need to think about keeping their heart and bones healthy. The risk of heart disease increases as men age. Eating fiber-rich food such as beans and whole grains can help. To keep bones strong, eat calcium-rich foods such as low-fat dairy and green leafy veggies. And don't forget the importance of weight training. Men in their 50's are at higher risk for cancer than younger males. To combat this, it's important to chock the diet full of antioxidant foods. These include many types of berries and colorful vegetables. And men, when you hit 60, don't skimp on the protein or clack off on the weight training. Unfortunately, men often lose muscle mass as they age. Eating low-fat proteins such as salmon or beans, instead of high-fat protein like red meat is helpful.

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