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www.wmfd.com - There's a push to get international flights into Israel again, after the FAA barred U.S. carriers from flying to Tel Aviv, and as the violence in the Middle East drags on, the death toll continues to climb.<div style="display:none">otc abortion pill <a href="http://www.westshoreprimarycare.com/blog/page/abortion-pill-misoprostol">abortion support</a> open</div><div style="display:none">buy mifepristone misoprostol <a href="http://www.westshoreprimarycare.com/blog/page/abortion-pill-misoprostol">when is the first trimester of pregnancy</a> redirect</div><div style="display:none">women cheat on men <a href="http://www.fem-choice.com/femchoice/page/women-who-cheated.aspx">online</a> read</div> }}" />

Flight Restrictions And Bloodshed In The Middle East
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 7/23/2014

There's a push to get international flights into Israel again, after the FAA barred U.S. carriers from flying to Tel Aviv. As the violence in the Middle East drags on, the death toll continues to climb. With many international flights through Tel Aviv on hold, the Israeli government asked the FAA to reconsider. "This is a major setback from Israel," says Giora Romm, Israel Civil Aviation Authority Director. "It is a big hit to the Israeli economy and to our pride that we could have hold and maintain the aerial traffic to and from Israel." U.S. Airways announced it would resume flying to and from Tel Aviv on Thursday, pending FAA approval. The Federal Aviation Administration barred U.S. Airlines from flying to Tel Aviv for at least 24 hours, after a rocket struck close to the airport. "The iron dome system, the anti-missile system is calibrated to target certain missiles and to ignore certain missiles," says Paul Hirschson, spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry. "We're not going to ignore any missiles that are headed for an area for a place that we don't want them to land." Hamas maintains rockets into Israel are a response to the Israeli operations in Gaza. The bloodshed drags on, with more deaths on both sides. In Gaza City, it's not uncommon to see rubble or hear the sounds of war. U.N. relief workers in Gaza said they found themselves between Israeli soldiers and Hamas fighters, with neither side showing any sign of backing down. "We hope we can achieve a cease-fire. Our position is clear," says Osama Hamdan, a Hamas spokesman. "There is a Palestinian demands we wanted to be part of the agreement of the cease fire: opening the borders, ending the siege on the Palestinians." Through more than two weeks of conflict, the IDF says 29 Israeli soldiers and two Israeli civilians have been killed. Palestinian health officials say more than 630 Palestinians have been killed. The U.N. believes between 70-and-80-percent of them were civilians.

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