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Goodwill Camera Holds Precious Memories
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Story By: Larry Stine



  Originally Published on: 8/16/2014

Some of us will never know the history behind thrift store finds. But an Indiana man is on a mission to find the family that used to own a video camera, so he can return their precious memories. A buried bargain at a Clarksville Goodwill. "So I got the camera out," says Joe Lynch. He didn't need a top of the line. And for five bucks, he couldn't resist picking up this "turn of the millennium" RCA. "I take a lot of footage of my kids, but my wife, she keeps on insisting I take more," Lynch says. Because Sgt. 1st Class Joe Lynch knows the value of making memories and capturing them. But this little guy, isn't his. "I guess my mission right now is to find out who these tapes belong to so I can get 'em back to 'em," Lynch says. A newborn meeting his baby brother, seven months later, them his first Halloween. "The very first video I saw was the entire family carving pumpkins," Lynch says. All archived on digital tapes left in a case. "My wife came over and said, 'These belong to somebody's family. I don't think they meant to give 'em to Goodwill,'" Lynch says. So with good intentions, Lynch started searching. "I just ended up taking snapshots of the family and posted it on Facebook and people started sharing it," he said. Still, no response from the family. There are clues, they may have lived in Oklahoma, which is where the baby was born. We can see the hospital's name on a scrub top. Lynch says he has no use for the tapes and places the value on the memories. "Somebody might know who these people are, so they can contact me so I can mail 'em their tapes back," Lynch says. "And that's really what I want to do."

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