Seated Aerobics Helps Seniors Keep Spring In Their Step

  • 11/25/2015 3:33:08 PM
  • Larry Stine
  • National News

  Exercising when you're a senior citizen can be difficult.
  But there are classes that cater  to older fitness fanatics.
  In today's Health Minute, Jennifer Whalen tells us about "Seated Aerobics."
  This energetic group has come to this seated fitness class to work on their mobility, strength and flexibility.
  The added stability of a chair means even people with balance issues can join in.
  "We always start off with a real long warm up because their body needs to adjust," says Bobbie Elzey. "And then, we do a little bit of standing up motions, doing squats because you need to squat. Everybody needs to squat everyday and we work on that."
  Instructor Bobbie Elzey has been teaching the class for 35 years and many of the participants work out with her three-times a week.
  She guides them through free-weight and elastic strap routines to help them build strength.
  "When you're old, range of motion in your legs, in your hips, in your knee, in your neck and all over is excruciatingly important because then you've moved all the rest of the day, you move more freely," says Suzanne Goodell, a 92-year-old participant.
  Bobbie says she's seen the improvement in class participants.
   "Their muscles gets so strong so quickly it's amazing like within 2 or 3 weeks, they're a little bit stronger," she says. "The grocery bags aren't quite as heavy, they can open up the car door a little bit easier, they're more confident in going up and over curbs and balance."

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