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www.wmfd.com - Police have called off the search for Hannah Graham, the University of Virginia student who disappeared near the campus more than a month ago.

Search For Missing UVA Student Called Off, Remains Found

Story By: Larry Stine



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Police have called off the search for Hannah Graham, the University of Virginia student who disappeared near the campus more than a month ago. Human remains found over the weekend are believed to be those of Graham, although police haven't been able to confirm that yet. Crews spent more than a month searching for Hannah Graham. "I don't know how else to explain it other than something just inside me told me, 'just continue to look,'" says Chesterfield County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Dale Terry. Ultimately finding, over the weekend, human remains scattered across a creek bed behind an abandoned home eight miles from where the University of Virginia student was last seen. "Again, these are human remains, and forensic tests need to be conducted to determine the identification of those remains," says Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo. It's not clear how long those tests will take. Police have already informed Graham's parents that they've called off their search. Their case is no longer that of a missing person but a death investigation. "We knew we were here for a mission, and that mission was to bring closure, and we hope that's what we've done," says Sgt. Terry The case is strikingly similar to that of Morgan Harrington, a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who disappeared in October, 2009; her body would be found months later on a nearby farm. Police say evidence links 32-year-old Jesse Matthew to both cases, though he only faces charges in Graham's disappearance. Days after police in Virginia issued a warrant for his arrest, he was found camping on a beach in Galveston, Texas. Police caution though, the case is complicated, their investigation complex, as they try to figure out what happened to 18-year-old Hannah Graham.

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