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www.wmfd.com - Triple-digit temperatures have prevented firefighters from getting much containment on the Sleepy Hollow fire burning in the state of Washington.

Wildifre Destroys Homes, Burns 3,000 Acres

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Triple-digit temperatures have prevented firefighters from getting much containment on the Sleepy Hollow fire burning in the state of Washington.
  The fire is only 10-percent contained.
  It has burned through about three-thousand acres of land.
  Andrew Spencer reports as many as 28 homes have also been significantly damaged, many of them destroyed.
  Driving through this neighborhood in Wenatchee, Washington, the destruction starts to sink in.
  "I'm just in shock," says Megan Castillo, a neighbor." I can't believe it happened so fast."
  "It's probably going to hit me harder in a few days when I realize I don't have anything," says Shirley Einarsson, who lost her home.
  Falling embers from a nearby wildfire ignited homes, destroying two dozen or more, many of them on this street.
  Neighbors spotted flames on the roof of one house and were able to flag down a passing fire crew.
  "I said, 'Guys, this house is on fire, and the roofs going,' so they pulled up in the driveway and got their hoses out," says Don Barnes, who helped save his neighbor's home.
  All that's left of another home is the driveway, a few burned out pieces of furniture amid a pile of debris, and a car scorched by the flames, the windows, the tires, even the bumper melted away.
  "I don't even know what to say," Castillo replies.
  "It's so sad that we get to get up in the morning and everything is complete and go around the neighborhood and see what's happened and just feel so bad for these folks," Barnes says.
  "A lot of friends' houses burned down, and that was hard," says Daryl Ferguson, a neighbor.
  The wildfire that caused the damage continues to rage near the national parks east of Seattle, burning thousands of acres of land.
  After causing massive damage to two fruit storage companies in Wenatchee, flames caught at a recycling plant, releasing dangerous fumes into the air.
  The smoke could be seen for miles.

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