'Think First. It Could Save Your Life.'

  • 4/25/2017 11:37:51 AM
  • Jay Jackman
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MANSFIELD, OH - "Think first… it could save your life."

Emergency responders rushed to The Richland County Fairgrounds for the 28th Annual Mock Crash Docu-drama that took place Tuesday morning. 

The program started in 1990 with just two schools involved at the time. Today, more than 42,000 students have gone through the docu-drama learning experience. 

Driving is a major responsibility and should not be taken lightly, especially since 35,000 people die annually from vehicular crashes in the U.S. (which figures out to be 100 per day). 

The fact that in a small segment of that statistic, seven teens died every day in this country. Human error accounts for more than 90% of all crashes and feeds into a $100 billion per year cost to society.

In the past four years, teen drivers have shown an increase in the number of fatalities. There are over 192 million licensed drivers in the United States with 6.5 percent of those drivers being between the ages of 15 and 20 years. Another fact, 25 percent of the teen drivers or passengers killed in motor vehicle crashes had been drinking.

Guest speaker Judge Ron Spon of The Richland County Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Division, stressed, "You are responsible for each and every person that is in your motor vehicle." 

Texting was barely an issue in 1996, but in recent years there were more than 2.3 trillion texts made in the U.S. In addition, statistics have shown that 25% of all crashes involved texting.

Safe driving is an important message every day of the year, but prom and graduation time seems to carry a higher level of excitement for teen drivers.

This annual event is presented by volunteers from the Richland County 4-H Youth Saftey Council and the Mock Crash Coalition. 

About every 50 minutes a person is killed by a drunk driver in the United States. "One bad choice... might be the last choice you'll ever make." 

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