Juveniles Arrested, Charged For Laver Road Home Invasion

  • 8/29/2016 4:44:07 PM
  • Sartaj Aujla
  • Local News

MANSFIELD,OH- Two juveniles ages 15 and 16 were arrested Friday and transported to the Richland County Juvenile Attention Center.

Each was charged with the burglary for the home invasion at 621 Laver Road, Mansfield, OH. The names of the juveniles are not being released.   

The two juveniles are also suspected of being involved in a burglary on S. Ford road that occurred after the incident on Laver road.

Minutes after the 911 call about the home invasion on Laver Road, dispatchers received a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area of S. Ford Road. The caller said he confronted individuals in a tan Buick Century 4-door. The suspects fled rapidly backing up and striking a tree, leaving vehicle parts at the scene. The 74-year-old caller told deputies up to four gunshots were fired at him from the vehicle as it sped north on Ford Road. 

It was just prior to this confrontation that the burglary had occurred at 123 S. Ford Road. The burglary was not reported until Sunday, August 28. 2016 at 9 a.m.  

The two juveniles arrested in the home invasion on Laver Road are suspected of being involved in the burglary on S. Ford road and detectives are continuing to work on that investigation. The teens have not been charged in the S. Ford Road burglary as of today. At least one gun has been identified as being stolen from the S. Ford Road burglary. It was recovered at 765 Floral Court Apartment C Friday morning during the execution of the search warrant.    

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