Fire Department Rescues Man From Frigid Water

  • 3/22/2017 3:21:57 PM
  • Larry Stine
  • Local News

SYMMES TOWNSHIP, OH - A man was rescued Tuesday after his fishing boat capsized, throwing him and a fellow fisherman into a powerful, frigid current.

As Ashley Zilka reports, the rescue was caught on camera.

"We train quite a bit on swift water rescue. We don't train very often in swift water rescue," says Deputy Chief Josh Blum of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Dept. "We train in calmer water."'

The Little Miami River was particularly high and choppy today and the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department rescue team noticed it as soon as they got there.

"We don't like to go out and rescue people for doing stuff in the water that's not safe because we have to go into those conditions to do the same thing," says Captain Andy Huber.

But the team has no choice when they responded to this call.

Two men were fishing when the boat flipped.

"A guy came up from the river soaking wet. He said his boat flipped. He can't find the person that was in the boat with him," says a 9-1-1 caller.

One person was able to make it to shore.

He ran to the Indian Hill Winter Club for help.

But another man was still in the river.:

"He said he couldn't move anymore," Captain Huber says. "He was probably from his waist down, was in the water and he got as far as he could and he said he wasn't going anywhere."

Rescuers say he was found 500 yards up the river and had been in the water for nearly an hour.

"He was very fortunate to be able to get onto that limb to where he was somewhat secure and not moving with that rushing water,' says Deputy Chief Josh Blum. "It takes a very strong swimmer to make it to the shore. Especially with the water moving as fast as it does here and there's really are no bends."

Rescuers say when the water is below 50 degrees, hypothermia kicks in fast.

Both men are okay.

Although they did wear life jackets, firefighters say the river is way too dangerous for anyone to be in it right now.

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