Parents File Lawsuit Over 8-Year-Old Son's Death

  • 8/8/2017 2:25:44 PM
  • Larry Stine
  • Local News

CINCINNATI, OH - School leaders in Ohio are being blamed in a wrongful death lawsuit over an 8-year-old's suicide.

Adorable, vibrant and loving.

Just a few of the words used to describe Gabriel Taye, a third-grade student at Carson Elementary who his family attorney says was no stranger to being bullied.

"He had been bullied in first and second grade but it had gotten worse in third grade to the point where two days before he died he was attacked in the boy's bathroom," says attorney Jennifer Branch.

An alleged attack caught on camera.

Here you'll see Gabe reach out his hand to another student.

Next, it looks as if he is yanked to the floor and knocked unconscious for more than seven minutes.

"That's the last image that his parents have of him and they didn't even know about that until months after he died," Branch says.

According to the attorney, the school only told Gabe's mom he had fainted.

The lawsuit also claims the school failed to notify Gabe's parents of other previous bullying incidents involving not only him but other students who were victims of bullying as well.

"The school district needs to be honest, not only with Gabe's mom and dad and his family but every parent at Carson Elementary School, and say outright that bullying happens in the school and we are going to tell you when it happens so you can be on notice parents, so you can protect your child," Branch says.

Back in May, we spoke to Cincinnati's Superintendent Mary Ronan to learn more about how these cases of bullying are reported or not.

"In our district, we have bullying which falls under harassment so you have to look at harassment and bullying numbers to get the entire picture," Ronan said,

At Carson Elementary, there were zero reported bullying incidents in the school's semi-annual report.

What the lawsuit claims was an attempted cover-up on the part of school officials to permit widespread bullying.

The school's principal has since been assigned to another school and the assistant principal has resigned.

They were both named as defendants in the federal lawsuit.

Cincinnati Public Schools released a statement Monday sending thoughts and prayers to the Taye family.

The district says now that a lawsuit has been filed it can't comment further.

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