Cincinnati Hospital Gives Valentines To Patients

  • 2/10/2018 2:19:04 PM
  • Emily Ramey
  • Local News

CINCINNATI, OH- Valentine's day is drawing closer and a Cincinnati hospital is making the holiday special for their patients.

For the last few years, the Cincinnati Children's Hospital has been getting digital valentine's day cards from the community.

Liz Smith, manager of annual giving said, "We've gotten a few thousand for the past couple of years. Maybe up to ten thousand last year."

Ten thousand may sound like a lot, but this year's numbers surpass that by a long shot.

Liz explained, "At the beginning of February we're already at more than 90,000 cards."

Thanks to a tweet gone viral word of the community card donations spread quickly.

A teen in Kentucky sent out a tweet to her friends and followers, asking for help to send messages to our patients. Thousands of retweets later, the staff at the hospital is overwhelmed by the support, and so are the patients.

Liz said, "A mom came up to me afterwards and said that it just made her child's day. That he was having a rough day and the card just completely turned that around."

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