Two Vicious Dog Attacks in Less Than Two Weeks In Ashland

  • 8/10/2018 1:09:48 PM
  • Joe Lyons
  • Local News

ASHLAND, OH - For the second time in less than a month, Ashland Police and Ashland EMT’s responded to a vicious dog attack.

A report just released Wednesday from the Ashland Police Division, states the first attack happened on July 22nd of this year. Police responded to 325 Cleveland Avenue after the first 911 call came in at 4:59pm. The caller reported that it looked like a white male was beating a dog behind 325 Cleveland Ave.

At 5:04pm a 2nd 911 caller reported that two pit bulls were fighting and the owner was trying to separate them. According to the Police report, the owner (Michael) said that his dog, Dakota, was chained up and the other dog had attacked him and his dog.

The APD Officer noted in his report that “Michael was dirty and disheveled and had several visible puncture wounds to his arms.”

In the report the Officer described the scene as follows: “the dogs were in a narrow space between the house and garage. Parked in this space was a motorcycle which further complicated any effort to separate the two dogs. “

The Officer continued, “The dogs were both bloody and panting hard.” And he attempted to separate the dogs but then they would reengage each other. At that time, he radioed dispatch to contact the Dog Warden.

The APD Officer again noted in his report that while Michael sat on the stairs near to where the dogs were, they noticed a large tear on the inside of Michael's left bicep. At that time the Officer called for an Ashland EMS squad to respond.

Another officer arrived with a bean bag shotgun and used it to engage the Pit Bull in a Non-Lethal manner. The Officer fired three times which caused the Pit bull to stop his attack on the chained-up dog and go between the fence and the back of the garage.

The Pit bull moved to the side of the yard and stopped in the corner. Officers were attempting to contain the Pit Bull in the fenced in yard and wait for the dog warden, But the Pit bull then turned around and started back.

Fearing that the dog would again attack Michael's dog or someone else, an Officer made the decision to shoot the Pit bull to prevent more injuries. By 5:15pm Officers reported two shots fired and requested dispatchers mark the time for the dispatched dog.

Michael was then transported by Ashland EMS to University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center with injuries sustained from the attack.

The Dog Warden contacted the owner of the other dog, Martha Sonner. Martha was informed on the incident and said that she was unaware that her dog had escaped her apartment. Martha admitted she had not vaccinated the dog in the year and a half she had it. The Dog Warden collected the Pit bull’s body for rabies testing.

“It has been around 15 years since something like this has happened,” Ashland Police Division Chief David Marcelli said.

In a phone conversation with the Dog Warden Wednesday, Tom Kosht said there will be no comment till the case is heard in court, but charges were filed by his office.

The second attack was on Foxmoor Lane, on 8/02/2018. The 911 call came in at 11:51am; the caller reported multiple injuries on four people from dog bites.

I spoke with Chris Grilley, one of the people who tried to save a lady from the vicious dogs. Mr. Grilley said he owns a Landscaping business and was working on a costumer’s yard when he heard the chaos.

“I ran as fast as I could, and when I got over there I saw the lady using her purse to block the attack” Mr. Grilley commented, “that’s when I knew they were attacking her, so I ran over to the dogs and started kicking them with my steal toed boots and that didn’t even phase them.” “Another guy ran over to help us and the dogs attacked him.” “Then they turned on me,” Mr. Grilley said.

The vicious dog attack left four victims each with multiple puncture wounds.

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