Marshals Provide Update After Manhunt Continues Wednesday

  • 9/19/2018 2:54:41 PM
  • Joe Lyons
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - The search for a wanted fugitive enters its fourth day, with law enforcement agencies from all over Ohio converging in Richland County to find the subject of the intense search, Shawn Christy.

"In the United States Marshals Service, we have a motto: let no guilty man go free," said U.S. Marshal Brian Fitzgibbon. "We will not give up this hunt. We may scale it back from the magnitude of where we're at, but the search will continue - whether it continues here or somewhere else like it has over the last 90 days, tracked across several states."

Fitzgibbon believes the search will end soon, with Christy's ability to evade police waning the longer he's pushed in an area he's not familiar with.

"Mr. Christy does not have ties here," Fitzgibbon said. "We believe that he's going to run out of options, and he's going to get desperate and slip up at some point. That's when we're ultimately going to catch him."

The longer the search goes on, the more dangerous the situation could potentially get. In the past, suspects have broken into homes, stolen vehicles, and gotten into pursuits with the local police, all situations that put the public in danger.

"A person running is a serious risk for the community," Fitzgibbon said. "Especially for the type of person that we're dealing with, that does not have respect or faith in law enforcement and elected officials. He believes he's the victim. He's going to do whatever he can to carry out his cause that he's fighting for."

Fitzgibbon also cautioned members of the public to be aware of their surroundings at all times around search areas, just as a safety measure.

"Don't doubt yourself," Fitzgibbon said. "If you think something doesn't seem right, call us in. We have the staff to look at these things. We'll look through everything. We'll speak to you. Please focus on the descriptions. He's 5'10". He's listed as being 160 pounds, but he's since lost some weight since being on the run for 90 days. I think he's probably closer to 145 pounds. Facial hair is going to be overgrown, he hasn't been grooming himself. He speaks with a very, very distinct lisp. He has videos that he's posted - he's a self-proclaimed 'survivalist' on YouTube. If you encounter someone that looks like him and is speaking with a lisp, please call 911."



Christy is wanted by the FBI for allegedly threatening to harm or kill a police chief, a district attorney, and the President of the United States. He may be in possession of several stolen handguns and should be considered armed and dangerous. Christy has made numerous threats that if confronted, he will resort to violence. Residents are advised to seek shelter, secure all vehicles and building entrances, and ensure that no keys are left in vehicles. Christy has a history of stealing vehicles and burglarizing residences. If seen, call 911 or the US Marshals tip line at 866-4-WANTED.

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