Crestline Mayor 'Strongly Considering Retaining His Seat'

  • 10/9/2018 9:15:00 PM
  • Jesse Smith
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CRESTLINE, OH - On Friday, October 5th, Crestline Village Council Member Allen Laferty released an open letter that was signed by all of Crestline's village council, urging the mayor to resign after allegations of racism. The racism allegations began after a bodycam video that was taken by Crestline's Chief of Police surfaced, with Moore using racial slurs - specifically, the "N-Word" - numerous times in casual conversation.

WMFD staff asked for a comment on the Mayor's reaction after the letter calling for his resignation was released, with Crestline Village Administrator John Rostash responding on behalf of other village members.

"I did meet with the Mayor Allen Moore today, and he is strongly considering retaining his seat as Mayor for now," Rostash said. No other comments were made.

Moore previously apologized in a letter that was released before the video was made public, explaining that his comments were out of context and that he was relating stories that "occurred in our village nearly 45 years ago." Village Officials were not satisfied with the explanation, especially after the video was made available to the public.

Moore's apology letter can be read verbatim below.

To The Crestline Community:

My heart and soul are dedicated to the Village of Crestline. I am greatly saddened that my conduct has in anyway tarnished this great Village and its residents. I am truly sorry for the choice of words I used during a conversation with Chief Butler. The selected partial video recording made by Chief Butler in the garage area of my home, was a small part of a much longer conversation occurring over an hour time span. While I was unaware I was being recorded and had specifically asked Chief Butler to forgo his usual practice of recording all conversations, that is no excuse for using the language in that video.

On the date of the conversation, June 25th, 2018 I was responding to Chief Butler's inquiries regarding abuses of civil rights that occurred in our Village nearly 45 years ago. I had previously discussed those incidents with Chief Butler. I again related these stories to Chief Butler word for word, even using the original language with which they were told to me in 1972. One month later, on July 23, 2018, after I requested Chief Butler to modify his work hours from a four day per week to a five day per week schedule to provide better supervision to our young officers, Chief Butler filed his report.

I did not intend to demean or disparage any group, nor was it my intent to offend anyone. I do understand that this language, regardless of context is hurtful. I truly apologize for my error in repeating the words spoken by others 45 years ago. I truly apologize to those who were offended in reading the report.

I apologize that this incident has distracted from the positive aspects of our community.

Mayor Allen Moore

In an open letter addressed to the residents of Crestline, Council Members requested that Mayor Allen Moore resign immediately:

October 5th, 2018

An Open Letter to the Residents of Crestline:

Along with you, we are saddened by the negative light and attention that has been brought on our community over the past couple of weeks since the release of the video of Mayor Moore in which he made numerous racially-insensitive and inappropriate references to minorities. The fact that the recording was made without his knowledge and consent does not excuse the sentiments that were expressed or the words that were said.

Crestline operates as a statutory village under the Ohio Revised Code. It is our position that, while we do not have the authority to remove the mayor from office, we do have the ability and the duty to what is morally and ethically proper. We appreciate Mayor Moore’s willingness to serve as a council member, council president pro-tempore, and appointed mayor. However, his previously-released letter of apology is not enough. We cannot condone the words that were used by the mayor regardless of the context, setting, or manner in which the video recording may have been made. The citizens of Crestline deserve better. We respectfully request that Mayor Moore allow our community to begin the healing process by resigning immediately from the office of Village of Crestline Mayor.

Yours in public service:

Kevin Eckert, Council-at-Large
Allen Laferty, Council-at-Large
Joy Miley, Council-at-Large
Bev Payne, Council-at-Large
Eugene M. Toy, Council-at-Large
Mike Weisman, Council-at-Large

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