Bomb Squad Activated In Ashland County Saturday Morning

  • 1/5/2019 3:55:22 PM
  • Joe Lyons
  • Local News

ASHLAND COUNTY, OH- Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad responded to a potential threat at around 7 a.m. Saturday.

Commander Whalen of the Ashland County Sheriff's Office said, "Our dispatch received a call from Crime Stoppers that there were numerous emails received in regards to a bomb in a residence in Ashland County."

The scene has been cleared.  Commander Whalen said, "Everything's been checked, the residence has been checked, everything is secure there nothing to be concerned about."

Whalen said that after investigating the threat, it did not appear to be credible, "Deputies went down and made contact with the homeowners and found that there wasn't anything in the area.  We did make contact with the surrounding neighbors to see if they may have seen or heard anything."

A letter left on neighbor's doors said, "This threat also stated that there were possibly explosives at the neighboring residence. In the past, we have received numerous bogus tips in regards to this address for miscellaneous disturbances."

Ashland County was not the only county who received the email according to Whalen.

"During our investigation, we also learned that Marion County had received the same exact email, so they're just throwing this threat out to everybody," Whalen said.

The FBI will be investigating the source of the tip.

"All this information is going to be forwarded on to the FBI so that way they can start researching a little more and see if they can track down where the sender is located," Commander Whalen said.

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