Madison School Board Re-Elects Jeff Meyers As President

  • 1/9/2019 9:01:50 PM
  • Jesse Smith
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MANSFIELD, OH - The Madison board of education selected its new president and vice president at Wednesday night's meeting. Board president Jeff Meyers, who has been in the position for over twenty years, talked about what the meeting meant and his goals for the future.

"This is our annual organizational meeting where we elect the officers for the next year," Meyers explained. "I made President, John Luedy made Vice President, and we've got a couple of big goals that we have to take care of. Getting a permanent superintendent, of course, is the number-one goal. We're just making sure everything's going well and getting ready to do a superintendent search, as soon as we can get the other issue resolved."

While some at the meeting were not surprised at the outcome, others were not happy with the results. Pam Jones, a former member of Madison's Board of Education who served with Meyer for over 15 years, voiced her opinion on the board's decision to re-elect Meyer as the president.

"We were hoping tonight that somebody would re-elect somebody else as president," Jones explained. "Mr. Meyers has been president for over 20 years. I know, I served with him for about 14-15 of those years. We were really hoping they would bring in somebody else. We believe the community wants Jeff out."

Jones and a group of dedicated Madison community members, under a Facebook group with the name "Madison, Can You Hear Us Now?", plan to start a petition after Wednesday night's meeting to remove Meyers as President of the Board of Education.

"It's possible that at the next board meeting, we will stand up and read it in front of everyone," Jones said. "We are going to submit this petition, send it to the court, and file it."

The group believes that someone else in the position could yield better results for the district and its students under new leadership, with more transparency between staff and parents.

"What I think somebody else can bring to the table is integrity, ethics, and to make sure everybody is on the same page," Jones said. "I believe they can unite the community by getting (Meyers) out of there and putting someone else in his position."

Meyers was chosen as the result of a 3-2 vote with Wigton and Walker voting no.

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